21- 24 February 2008


Marine Science Group was present at BIT (International Tourism Exchange) in Milan, the largest exposure in the world of Italian tourist market and one of the most important events for the international tourism industry, hosted at the stand of ASTOI , to present the results of the first year of STE: Scuba Tourism for the Environment".
155,000 total visitors including 108,500 members of the tourist trade, 20,500 of which from around the world. More than 5,000 companies represented, from as many as 152 different nations.

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The stand of ASTOI (Association of Italian Tour Operator) hosted Marine Science Group, that presented the first results of the STE project.
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With smiles like these, do not approach to the stand and ask information about STE was impossible!
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Alberto Corti, ASTOI director, and Faiza Farid Frigido, Italian honorary consul in Sharm el Sheikh.
MSG was invited at the press conference ...
DSCN6204 DSCN6215 DSCN6210
... of Zoheir Garranah, the Egyptian Tourism Minister.
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Stefano, His Excellence Garranah and the Egyptian Tourism Agency's Director Mohamed Abd El Gabbar, talking about the results of the first year of STE project.
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At the end of the conference, there was a dinner and some belly dance show.
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After returning to our positions, we started to deliver certificates of attendance to scuba divers... ... the president of ASTOI,
 Giuseppe Boscoscuro
... Miss Melis
together with the consul
Faiza Farid Frigido ...
... Paolo Mazzara ...
... Paul Farrel and Alberto Corti  Massimo Dominelli of Neos Airlines
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Alberto Corti and Simone deliver the certificate to William Scolaro.  De Lillo family...
... Claudia Dogliani  and  Antonino Micheletto
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 Borghi family Simone delivers the certificate to Maurizio Ferrari. Sara Riva and Marzio Radaelli, one of the STE project lottery winner.